LotD H-sphere Hosting: Our Hosting utilises the user-friendly and stable H-sphere control panel. For a full list of features and screenshots click screenshots and a demo can be found here.

Secondly we have CDP installed, which allows you to manage your own backups for your site files, email and databases all from your control panel. This includes restore points that go back 30 days with a minimum of 1 per day. Databases are often backed up multiple times (depending on server load).

And last but not least we have Sitestudio installed, this sitebuilding software allows you to build professional business sites with high-quality graphics straight from your hosting control panel! You can choose from over 70 templates complete with flash intros and more! You can also add your own custom graphics or code. This creates a great flexibility. For a full list of features click here and for a demo click here or if you just want to look at the templates click here.

We offer web hosting on multiple platforms. Unless you need ASP or ColdFusion support we suggest you use Unix (Linux)Web Hosting even if you use Windows at home. Unix being the most stable web hosting platform. FreeBSD hosting is provided for users of this platform. Due to our cluster structure we also offer MsSQL databases on the Unix platform. Ms Exchange packages offered on request. You can also link multiple accounts together.

For a more detailed view of our plans and their seperate functions click below. The 'monthly' fee listed on these pages represents the monthly cost if you exceed your usage beyond what we include in the plan as 'free'. These 'monthly' add-ons are chosen by you. The 'extra' cost is what the same features cost if you did not buy the add-on. This is used in emergencies, if you exceed your allowance up to a limit predefined by you.

Shared: For those who have outgrown shared plans there are VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans. These are currently only available with Unix-based operating systems (CentOS). These allow custom configuration and installation of software. You can find a full overview here. These plans include the DirectAdmin control panel.

(email support@lotdhosting.com for custom plans)


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